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There are now two different ways to purchase InnerG windows. We sell our traditional, easy to install, full window product but we now also offer a new Made-to-Measure window kit option.

The full window product comes with everything you need to install our final product - The premade window, steel attachment system, and a bag to store it in whan not in use. Just provide us with the size of your window opening and we will custom make a window for you.

The new Made-to-Measure window kit provides another option for the DIY community. Just give us your window sizes and we will precut all of the molding and steel pieces that you will need to build your own window, and we will also give you a schedule of the acrylic sizes required to finish your window. This option will save on transportation costs, and will allow Do-It-Yourselfer's and economical option to build their own windows.

You can get a quotation for either option by entering your window info into this form


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